I received my PhD in Philosophy from McGill University in 2020. I work on Kant and German Idealism, the history of 19th-century philosophy, and 20th-century continental philosophy. I also have a growing interest in the analytic tradition and how the continental and analytic traditions can be put in conversation with one another.

My current research focuses on metaphysics, epistemology, and value theory in Kant and his successors. I am particularly interested in their theories concerning rationality as (1) what makes possible the perceptual content, moral demands, and political rights that structure human experience and (2) what makes us radically free vis-à-vis nature. In addition to these two concerns, my current research also examines (3) how German Idealism has been received in continental and analytic philosophy and the ways in which it might still be of relevance to ongoing debates in these fields. I am completing a manuscript on Hegel’s logic that deals with these three themes and background historical research has led me to begin a translation of Friedrich Schlegel’s 1800-1801 Jena lectures Transcendental Philosophy.

Outside of researching, I am learning Russian and how to roast coffee.

My major publications include: