I have an enthusiasm for dialogue and collaboration, which has led me to organize philosophy events such as conferences, workshops, and reading groups.

I also have experience doing philosophy outreach, having organized The St. John’s Public Lecture Series in Philosophy from 2007-2008.

Notable academic events that I have organized are:

The Absolute and the World in Late German Idealism
2013. Co-organizer. McGill University. 26-27 August.

Subjectivité transcendantale et idéalisme allemande
2012. Co-organizer. École Normale Supérieure. 20-21 February.

In the Aftermath of German Idealism/Dans le sillage de l’idéalisme allemande/Im Kielwasser des Deutschen Idealismus
2011. Organizer. Bergische Universität Wuppertal. 12-14 May.